Monday, 13 February 2012

What Now?

So I found out the other day that I didn't get the London training post. I had to do it the round-about way; it seems like the deanery isn't the best at delivering bad news, so it chose to keep quiet and let me do all the digging myself. Perhaps this is a tactic I could use in the future in my clinical practice- I'll place the report of an unfortunate CT scan by the patient's bedside while they're asleep and then slink away.

I knew it would end this way. The signs were ominous- the ecstatic facebook postings of acquaintances who had successfully applied, the curious and prolonged silence from the deanery. And obviously, I didn't help matters by suffering a nervous breakdown in the run- up to the interview, culminating in a sobbing phone call to my brother.

Not the best preparation for a job interview.

After all, I wouldn't say that this was the most devastating news in the world. The problem that arises is, what do I do now?

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